This is the time for you to choose the best Flyboard show for your event. 

Do you want to see some amazing tricks? A beautiful and elegant dance? 

Is it the time for you to know if you will have a boy or a girl? 

Or do you want to show off with an incredible and bright night time show!! 

Check the videos below!

day show

dance show

gender reveal

night show

The daytime show is based on showing tricks we can do on a Flyboard, but also the most important part is to play with your guests. It could be splashing, dancing, betting if the flyer could do a certain trick, or serving some champagne. you let us know what you would like to improve at your event and we take care of the fun!

The dance show is to show to others that even if the Flyboard is an extreme sport we can do something beautiful and elegant! Classy and harmony are the words you can stick to this image!

Gender reveal always been funny and show off, using a car or a helicopter for it is surprising but have you ever thought about using a Flyboard? this is a first known worldwide and we are proud to be able to offer it to you! Products safe for the environment!!

Night show is the best way to have a personal ironman wearing a custom LED suit, doing some tricks,  and throwing a few little  fireworks at your event! Incredible and spectacular are the keywords of this show!

Every shows is performed by professionals!

Any show require a clean and secure area big enough to perform, contact us for any special area. Minimum 70’X 70′

We can add Jetpack and standup jetski for the “Day show” and “Night show”.

For more information feel free to contact us!


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